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Knowing the Difference Between Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks & Limited Symptom Panic Attacks

In order to determine, whether an individual is having limited symptom panic attacks or anxiety disorders panic attacks, first one must understand an individual and their normal behavior patterns. To this end, while the two conditions are unique and separate, as they share symptoms, individuals are often confused as to which one, one might be experiencing at the time.

As people suffering from anxiety disorders may experience multiple attacks in one episode, often lasting for hours, episodes related to limited symptom attacks are much shorter a duration. Therefore, while both are serious conditions, individuals experiencing such attacks related to anxiety issues generally experience longer lasting and at times, even rolling attacks with one coming right after another.

However, when it comes to anxiety disorders and associated attacks, symptoms can also appear and diminish over time both during and in between such attacks. Whereas, with limited symptom attacks, one may be fearful or frightened into having one which can later be removed in order to allow the panic attack to subside.

Though compared to attacks related to anxiety issues, this limited symptom attacks generally last ten to twenty minutes, after which an individual is generally able to return to their normal activities.

Symptoms while similar, are more intense with anxiety disorders panic attacks. Such symptoms include,hyperventilation, uncontrollable fear, trembling, dizziness, excessive perspiration and a rapid heartbeat only to list a few. Also, some individuals may experience these episodes on a regular basis, either daily or weekly. Therefore, these are the individuals which generally need to seek out medical treatment for same.

Also, many individuals are often thought to be having a heart attack when in actuality it is a panic attack. However, this does not indicate that such attacks are not serious, as they can cause one great pain and anxiety over a lifetime. Regardless, however, if one is prone to either type of attack, it is best one be under the care of a physician. This is because if one is taken to the emergency room while having an attack, the doctor can then advise the staff on the best way to proceed with various testing and other procedures accordingly.

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When it comes to individuals experiencing the rare limited symptom panic attacks, individuals episodes are generally fewer overall than those with attacks related to anxiety issues. For, individuals who normally have no issues and only react during extreme fear are most likely able to continue their daily routines without medication or treatment. Although, some attacks can last up to thirty minutes, some may only last as little as fifteen seconds. Therefore, the period of time one experiences such an attack is not a deciding factor in which type of attack an individual may be experiencing.

With regards to the severity of such attacks, this can vary greatly from person to person. For, many first time sufferers often do believe they are having a heart attack or nervous breakdown when arriving at the emergency room of clinic. To this end, whether attacks are derived from limited symptom attacks out of fear or attacks associated with anxiety, the more one knows the more one can understand behavior going on in any given moment. Also, while it may be expensive to seek treatment, one need do so in order to save money from continuing emergency room visits over the years which are often born out of anxiety and fear.

One major difference exists between these attacks and that is that a large percentage of people suffering from anxiety disorders and associated panic attacks have also been diagnosed with agoraphobia, which is a condition in which individuals are afraid to go out into public or attend public events. For these individuals, a combination of medication and psychotherapy are often the only two methods which work in the way of treatment.

As it is hard to understand the difference between anxiety disorders panic attacks and limited symptom attacks, both are each their own medical condition. Therefore, it is important to know the difference especially when treating patients. As treatment for anxiety related attacks may often require medication; whereas most individuals experiencing limited symptom panic attacks do great with psychotherapy alone.

However, in the most severe circumstances, one may also require both even if only experiencing the more limited symptom condition as well.
Whichever one suffers from, be it anxiety disorders panic attacks or the more limited symptom attacks, one need inform their family, friends, hospital and medical staff. For only then, can a medical professional determine which condition an individual is experiencing. Also, it may take a variety of tests to determine whether one is experiencing such attacks based on anxiety issues or other associated conditions.

However, when it comes to anxiety disorders, both the anxiety disorder and underlying issues may very well be based in heredity. Whereas, limited symptom attacks are generally brought on by fear. As such, knowing this goes a long way in explaining why limited symptom attacks are fewer between in nature than those experiencing ongoing anxiety disorders panic attacks which has been proven to be hereditary.

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