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About Gino

Gino is the author of the Stress Diaries. Gino is trained as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist,
Counselor, Coach and regarded as a Stress Expert. After many hours of training, seeing clients, training therapists and heading the Stress Coaching Association, where the worlds leading stress experts gather, and after many interactions with the greatest minds from the world of psychology and therapy and them seeing many many clients, we conclude that the fundamental basis of all therapeutic upheaval, lies in Stress – and thus the Birth of the Stress Diaries.

I believe that if I can assist anyone to identify their stressors, understand how it influence
their subsequent behaviours and let them have the tools, not just to know when these happen,
but to have the tools to deal with it – without the need for medication and it’s side-effects, or therapeutic intervention. This tool is intended for you to use at any time and any place and it leaves you in total control with Zero side-effects.
If it did that – it would have been worth creating it…

The Stress Diaries is living up to my understanding that ‘people are not broken, and simply need the tools to make the most effective decisions for their situation. The Diaries is such a tool that is there to identify: What is really going on and provide the evidence in back and white, without speculation of subjective assumptions, for you personally record the stressful incidents as they happen, or in reflection, to show: What is it the stressful incident, what the triggers and circumstances are that it happens in and what your responses are to this incident.

It will show you within 28 days, clear patterns of what is causing it and how it manifest, in which circumstances, the days or at which times they occur and it also shows how you respond to it.
The diaries helps you reflect on these stressful incidents recorded over a 4 week period, and show you how it shapes your thinking and actions PLUS, how you can do it differently when you come across if again. These are mere tools, but it will help you translate these incidents into actual cognitive skills to use as life-long learning skills to prevent any stressful trigger or incident ever set you up, to fall into the trap of stress again – as long as you use these strategies effectively and diligently and at all times. It is simple, practical and highly effective and stops a stressful episode in it’s tracks.

It’s up to you to perfect it, by bringing it into your daily routine and overall coping skillset.

Here’s to your wellness and health, in love and light, Gino Norris

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